If you want to devote your life to taking care of your health , you need to start with a diet. You can do whatever you want, but if you do not follow the diet, you will still suffer from health problems. Many people do not think about what they eat. They know that unhealthy food is bad, but they do not really care about proper nutrition until they have health problems. Perhaps you are interested in the article 12 of the most exquisite combinations for a healthy diet.

The problem is that the health consequences of bad food are manifested after a while, that is, a cumulative effect. Only after many years you will begin to feel the effects of poor nutrition, but by the time it will be too late. Poor nutrition for a long period of time can cause many serious diseases and conditions that can be fatal.

So pay attention to what you eat and how much you eat. It does not take much effort, and will help practice self-control, which is a valuable asset. If you are not sure where to start, here is a list of 10 products that you should avoid . Also pay attention to the article http://batop.ru/top-10-blyud-nedopustimyh-dlya-horoshey-figury .


frozen shark meat
Shark meat contains mercury and if a person eats such meat, a high concentration of mercury can lead to blindness, loss of coordination and, in rare cases, death. Scientists believe that this meat has a high level of mercury, because sharks eat a large number of small fish.

If you want to eat similar meat, try better canned tuna, shrimp, catfish or salmon. Just to be safe, you should avoid eating swordfish, since its meat also contains a lot of mercury.


Cupcakes, cookies, cakes, donuts and all tasty and seductive sweets are just sugar bombs and people can not resist them. One typical donut contains 250-500 calories and more than 60 grams of sugar. This is a great example of what people know that these foods are harmful to health, but they are eaten only because they are delicious.

Such foods can cause digestive problems, lead to obesity, and excessive amounts of sugar can lead to many cardiovascular diseases, and dental problems. In order to satisfy cravings for sweets, you can eat dark chocolate or a protein bar – of course, in moderation. Perhaps you will be interested in the article of the 10 largest candy manufacturers in the world .


Many people like to eat porridge for breakfast, because it is believed that the cereals are light and useful. But is it? Even cereals contain a lot of sugar. If you combine a high concentration of gluten, then the use of such food in large quantities is guaranteed to lead to inflammation of the walls of the stomach.

It is better to switch to oat flakes, making sure that you choose natural. As an added benefit, oats do not contain sodium.


white chocolate tile
The health effects of white and dark chocolate vary. For example, dark chocolate is a very good antioxidant, and is one of the most useful sweets. However, this does not mean that you should eat chocolate every day. On the other hand, white chocolate is a completely unhealthy food. 100 g of white chocolate contains more than 45 g of sugar.

Excessive consumption of white chocolate can lead to serious obesity and caries problems. In most cases, you should avoid eating chocolate, but if it’s hard for you to restrain yourself, eat no more than 30 grams of dark chocolate a day. Chocolate is one of the foods that cause constipation, so do not overeat it. Pay attention to the article http://batop.ru/10-umopomrachitelnyh-faktov-o-shokolade .


French fries with ketchup
You probably already heard about the dangers of chips. French fries have a high glycemic index, which can lead to an increase in insulin levels in the body, and I can not help but emphasize how bad it really is.

Free also contains a large amount of carcinogenic substance, which is formed at very high temperatures. do not forget to read the article 10 reasons why fast food is harmful.


On each pack of margarine, you can read that it is without cholesterol, which is why people think that this is a healthy alternative to butter. There can not be any cholesterol, but margarine contains tons of trans fat. Trans fats damage the walls of blood vessels and increase the level of cholesterol.

This leads to an increased risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease. If you want to find healthy fats for cooking, you should stick to omega-3 fatty acids and stay away from trans fats.


fish fingers
Just because they are called fish sticks, people assume that they are useful – it’s wrong! Fish sticks are fried in oil and they are just as harmful as French fries, because they are covered with breadcrumbs.

Fresh fish is very useful, but fried fish sticks are very harmful to health and should be avoided.


drinking yogurt
All these so-called ” healthy ” small cups of fruit yogurt, in fact, are rich in sugar and not at all useful. In principle, if you eat a small dessert for breakfast or snack to them, nothing terrible will happen.

If you like yogurt, buy a good original yogurt or plain Greek and add a little honey or a few pieces of fresh fruit.


packaged juices
Yes, fruit juice. It is obvious that carbonated drinks are harmful to health, but fruit juice is also harmful. These drinks are full of sugar – even those that are ” 100% natural .” Avoid the use of any kind. Instead, get a juicer.

Buy fresh fruit and make your own juice. The only healthy drink.


gluten free products
Gluten-free products are becoming more and more popular. A large amount of advertising suggests that they are the best option for a healthy diet. The truth is that these foods are no more healthy than others.

In contrast, most of these products usually contain additional calories and salt instead of gluten. In addition, manufacturers add a lot of fat in them, so that their products are delicious.

That’s all you need to remember in order to avoid harmful foods that have artificial sweeteners, with a high degree of processed foods, and to maintain a diet that includes the nutrients that the body needs every day, without excess calories. If you sometimes consume too many calories, be sure to burn them with regular exercise.

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