100 things to do in life

100 things to do in life

We all want to live as full and interesting life as possible. I want every day to happen something memorable. The world around us is huge and diverse. There are so many things in it that it is very difficult to make a choice. Where to go when there are so many interesting countries around ?! What to cook for breakfast, because the store is so much delicious! Every minute we have to choose. It’s impossible to manage everything. One person made a list of things that, in his opinion, the most important thing to do in life.

Do you agree with this list or do you have yours?

1. See the sunset in Bali

2. To visit Paris

3. Swim with dolphins

4. To dive with aqualung

5. Try out tequila in Mexico

6. Learn English

7. Climb the trees

8. Making love on the beach

9. To blow bubbles

10. Write a story of your life

11. Write a letter and send it in a bottle at sea

12. Plant a tree

13. To see the penguins

14. Learn how to dance salsa

15. Create your own business

16. To fall in love without memory

17. To be a member of the jury

18. Dance Throughout the Night

19. Stand under the waterfall

20. Meet Halloween in America

21. Lying on the shore of the ocean and listening to the sound of waves

22. Learn to skate

23. Participate in the carnival in Venice

24. Write your plan for the year and follow it

25. Observe the lunar eclipse

26. To celebrate the New Year in an exotic place

27. Jump with a parachute

28. To love yourself

29. Invite a stranger to a date

30. Having sex in the restroom of a restaurant

31. Buy very expensive clothes

32. Fall asleep under the stars

33. Ride on a snowboard

34. Spend the whole day with a book

35. Meet real friends

36. Learning to drive a car

37. To see 7 wonders of the world alive

38. Jump into the sea from a cliff

39. Overcome the fear of failure

40. Play with the koalas

41. Go on a sea voyage

42. Play big friends

43. Climb to the Eiffel Tower

44. Make a donation anonymously

45. Make a sudden surprise to your loved one

46. ​​To smoke a hookah

47. Create your website or blog

48. To hang out in Ibiza

49. Make your family tree

50. Spend the weekend in the spa

51. Run the marathon

52. Turn off your mobile phone for a week

53. Meditate for 3 hours

54. To hold in the palms of a living butterfly

55. Ride your horse along the coast

56. Get to know someone on the street

57. Give your homeless breakfast

58. Participate in a flash mob

59. Learn how to use your computer well

60. Eat potatoes cooked at the stake

61. Spend the whole day with your lover in bed

62. To go to an unfamiliar city for the whole day and wander alone there

63. Take off your movie

64. Build a house

65. Take the autograph from the star

66. Visit the football game at the giant stadium

67. Go hunting

68. To drive on the bike no less than 100 kilometers

69. Do something yourself and sell it

70. To fly in a balloon

71. Riding a camel or an elephant.

72. Visit all continents

73. Visit the Carnival in Brazil

74. Climb the slope of some great mountain

75. Spend the day in the forest, eating on what is there

76. Surfing

77. See the Vienna Opera

78. To visit all the capital cities of Europe

79. Learn how to photograph beautifully

80. Learn to speak Italian

81. Learn how to dance tango in Argentina

82. Swim in clothes

83. Swim at night naked

84. To participate in wine tasting in the wine cellar

85. Completely change your image

86. Climb the volcano

87. Visit the nudist beach

88. Try a dish that causes fear

89. Get on the cover of the magazine

90. Win in the competition

91. Riding on the back of a turtle

92. Running in puddles in a thunderstorm

93. Ride the Cabriolet

94. To get acquainted with the Hollywood star

95. Enough of strawberries

96. Exchange souvenirs with the leader of the wild tribe

97. To make a tattoo

98. Write a book

99. Write a list of 100 of your achievements

100. To fly on a hang-glider

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