The most popular “phytones” of the network

The most popular “phytones” of the network

Jen Salter, Isabelle Goulart, Cinema McGregor … These girls have a million army of fans in Instagram. Such popularity they got thanks to the ideal figure and sports training, which they regularly demonstrate on their pages in social networks. They talk about proper nutrition, about their sports and about how useful yoga is. Some admire their figure, others claim that their body is the  result of working with Photoshop, and glossy magazines call them the sweet word “phytony”.

Jen Salter

Jen Salter is called the most popular “fitonashkoy” network. On its page in Instagram signed more than 11 million people. The girl tells in an interview that she always felt at school that she was not thin. Therefore, at some point, she decided to seriously engage in sports. Now she actively cooperates with popular sports brands, continues to play sports and collects hundreds of thousands of unauthorized comments from her subscribers.

Isabelle Goulart

While some models tell us on what strict diets they are sitting and because the hours are engaged in sports, supermodel Isabel Gular demonstrates this on her page in Instagram. The star sports everywhere –  on vacation in Positano, at home in Rio, at social events. A. Considering that the model spends half of her life at airports of different countries, she is engaged in sports even while waiting for her flight.

Whitney Simons

Whitney Simons is  one of the most popular fitness tax on YouTube. By the way, she not only shoots her workout in the gym, but also talks about a healthy diet. Also Whitney tries to attract every girl in sports and tells different motivating stories from life. In them she hints that “make” an ideal body can each.

Jesse Golden and Pia Mulenbek

And Jesse Golden and Pia Mulbek are not only actively involved in sports, but also share their experience in the pages of popular publications. Jesse in her childhood dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but then became interested in sports. As a result, now she talks about her training on the pages of fitness magazines. And Pia leads a column about fitness and healthy food in the newspaper Daily Mail.

Cinema McGregor

And Kino McGregor is  one of the most popular girls-girls of yoga. The movie makes complicated asanas on the ocean and asks friends to shoot it on the phone. Many of its subscribers believe that such photos have long become their main motivator for them not to miss classes in the studio of yoga.

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