Kim Kardashian is addictive. If it were alcohol, you would have liver failure, and you could not drink vodka, you would have to run it through the “back door”. If she were heroin, you would have died from an overdose long ago and your pipes would have been strewn with wounds. If it were a carnivorous virus, only the bones would remain of you. But everyone wants more and more Kim, Kim, Kim.
But you can not talk about Kim, well, mentioning her ass. Kim and her ass are one. They can not be divided. It’s the same as saying Albert Einstein, but do not mention his mind, or remember Ron ZHderimi, but do not discuss his penis. Kim makes a career, thanks to his buttocks. So Pamela Anderson said about her breasts that she is making a career, and I just went out for a walk.

We want to tell you about the 25 most amazing things that Kim’s ass did. It has not cured AIDS patients, has not found an alternative source of energy, and has not created peace in the whole world. But Kim’s buttocks did much more than anyone else’s buttocks did. All that your priest could do, your mother wiped it off as a child. So start reading this article right now so that your “Kim” could improve. Do this before retiring, or find a more important occupation, such as reading, watching TV or talking to your family.


Here is the cheek, the cheek, the cheeks everywhere
Kim posed for the Playboy magazine at the dawn of her career, in 2007, when she was just trying to make a name for herself. To this it was pushed by her own mother, Chris Jenner, who confessed that she had always dreamed of starring in a cult magazine. Kim reluctantly posed for piquant photos, and apparently they were not effective enough, as Hugh Hefner forced them to reshoot them. When she looked at her photos, she exclaimed: “Oh, yes I look like a child.” Yes, Kim, that’s how the children look.


To the dregs
One of the most unsuccessful photos of Kim was for the magazine Paper, where she put a glass of champagne on her ass. This was the quintessence of high precision and low taste. She was dressed in a shiny dress and pearls, but critics reproached her for using her body as an art object.

The discussion reached its peak when it became clear that this pose was not original, but had already been used by one photographer in the 1970s, who often portrayed women in the form of savages ready to serve. To keep up, Kim contributed to this “art”. She starred for Paper, lying on the floor among the attributes for champagne.


 Reason for a fight
Kim Kardashian everywhere accompany the paparazzi, and make both good shots and bad ones. In this case, she simultaneously communicates with the journalist and struggles with the fact that the clothes fell between her buttocks. This happened to the best of us, maybe it happens to her more often than to others because of her more rounded goal. But the funny thing is that people just swallow this news. In Touch magazine devoted an entire article to the struggle of the Kardashian family with getting the clothes between the buttocks, adding the phrase “the more buttocks, the more the prey”.


Beach lounger
Kim Kardashian made this infamous photo during a vacation in Thailand. The audience was already a little chilled to its bulging rear end, but their attention was attracted by the fact that her team was stroking the sand on her pope. Tell us what VIP treatment is! In the picture everything had to look natural with her wet skin and dark wavy hair. But there was one BUT. Her glamorous team sprinkled her fifth point several times and gently stroked her so that the sand glowed. It was just at the time when even her sisters criticized her for doing too much selfie.


Style Sterling
Back in 2010, Kim posed for the magazine W, covered with silver paint for the body. Never before has anyone seen so much Kim’s body, but the style in which these photos are made is very piquant. At first the model underestimated it. When she saw the finished photos, she literally screamed that it was like “serious porn.” She said to her mother: “I just took it. They promised me that I would be completely covered … I’ll just never undress. This is too much, right?

It’s hard to believe that Kim did not have an unequivocal view of these pictures, and we can assume that her tears were the PR of the show she was shooting at the time – Courtney and Kim take New York.


Hands are busy
Kanye West loves big priests, and does not deny it! Some even say that he went to Kim from Ambe Rose, because he fell in love with her big uniforms and a smile. Looking at how he feels it for the ass, you can agree with this statement. However, what seems like an innocent manifestation of friendly feelings has caused anxiety among many fans. He grabbed her on the red carpet, hugging and kissing her. Many thought that he dominates her and presses on her, as well as he squeezed her … her most profitable and famous property


The style that shocked
Kim – the main trendsetter. And recently she showed off her underwear as outerwear. Madonna did it in the 80’s and 90’s. All the longtime fans of Kim only discussed that they saw her panties. And the fact is that there were rumors that the model does not wear underwear for unknown reasons. Someone thought that it was difficult for her to find a kit in which to place her convex fifth point. Others claimed that this was because she was simply a free woman. Most stars fall into the list of tastelessly dressed because they wear panties, but Kim got to its top. She does not sing, dance, or be an actress, but she can spin grandmother’s pantaloons like no other.


Chubby soft spot
The tabloids are saying that Kim’s ass does not stop growing. They publish a photo “before and after”, showing significant changes in size. Most do not believe that the girl suffers from a disease that affects only her ass. They believe that she has done some pre education to become even more seductive. Initially, there were rumors that she had made implants, then about putting pads. But she set a record, and got the right to inject. Nevertheless, rumors are still flying around the size of her priests. In one article the volume was specified – 140cm, and this despite the fact that its height is 160cm, that is, only 20cm difference.


Unbroken tango
Kardashian took part in the show “Dancing with the Stars” in 2008, during the seventh season. There she shook her buns like maracas. But this was not enough. She became the third nominee for the flight. Everyone was shocked, because she has so many fans. How can this be so? The bottom line is that although the audience is fascinated by Kim, but they like to see her failures more than triumph. Experts assumed that this was the beginning of the end of her career. But now it is quite clear that they were wrong. Almost 10 years have passed, and it has become even more popular.


Top VS Bottom
Kim not only has a beautiful butt, but also a smart chest. Both are done with the help of a good surgeon. But who can blame her? After all, there must be symmetry. Bikini is the perfect way to show one more of your wealth – the chest. This Californian woman always sports on the sand, resting by the pool, playing with her children at the surf. It’s good that she has funds for buoyancy.


Yoga pants on the way out
Kim is the first woman of fashion. There are two directions that she advocates. Firstly, it’s mini dresses that are popular to this day. And secondly, it’s pants for yoga. Of course, she is not the first star that made them popular, but she definitely added her note when she was caught in such pants not in the gym, but just walking down the street. Why not? These pants are a great way to demonstrate your popularity. Although this picture looks ridiculous. The model is next to the garbage container. For this immediately grabbed the criticism of Kim.


An awkward moment in front of the camera
Even the queen of social networks in front of the camera can sometimes be shy. More than once, at a time when she was being pursued by the paparazzi, she covered her ass with her hands. Although her body is considered the most desirable in Hollywood, she struggles with being overweight. She was never thin, it’s true. And having two children, everything only worsened. It is clear that she finds faults in herself (but not all of us?). This makes her more human, and fans adore her even more.


The seam could not stand it
Not surprisingly, Kim had a seam, maybe two. Many are waiting for this when they see that her broad ass is dressed in tight clothes. But when the seams really diverge, this is quite another matter, since no one expected that he would get into the cell. Her relatives assure that leaving the house, she is dressed impeccably. Moreover, she always has spare clothes with her, in case of any trouble. But everything happens, even with the stars. This case proves that Kim is no exception.


Mythical pads
The dispute over whether Kim Kardashian’s buttocks are natural or not, has not abated (since she began to appear in the media). She herself insists that she has everything natural, but the rest believe that she resorts to various tricks, including special lining. In this photo, Kim clearly has an ace in his sleeve, or somewhere lower. It is obvious that she wears some lining, in which there is nothing wrong. She looks pretty bold.


Changes in the amount
Over the years, Kim then lost, then gained weight. Most people have this problem with children, but it’s worth noting that genes and overeating can be the cause. Chloe Kardashian is known for her wide bone, Robert Kardashian is currently trying to get better. Kim’s strength is that she benefits from her shortcomings. At first, everyone is worried that she gained weight, then everyone is even more interested in how she lost weight and what kind of diet. This, of course, guarantees her a high rating, but for the figure this is not very good. Surely she has plenty of stretch marks.


Cellulite Sale
The stars love to pamper themselves, and Kim is no exception. It was reported that she does a buttock massage. It is not known if this is true, but she has cellulite. She was removed after she underwent a treatment known as VelaShape. This is a non-invasive treatment of the contours of the body, naturally, very expensive.

The model hides its cellulite under clothes, but sometimes it looks through. Look at this photo from the Grammy Awards.
VelaShape is one of the many costly cosmetic procedures that Kim made during the filming in different series for E! She also did Botox and the face of a vampire. The star is often criticized for a large number of plastic surgeries, but you can not blame her for watching her booty. This is its value and feature.


Pop in a million dollars
At one time, the charming Queen Betty Grable insured its famous feet for $ 1 million. And today Kim acted the same way and insured her ass for 21 million dollars. Who is bad with mathematics, say that it’s 10.5 million for each half.

And one more funny news. Kim hired a tailor to call, in order to adjust her clothes according to the figure as necessary. Since her waist is 6 sizes larger than her ass. It is known that the tailor’s salary is $ 5000 per day. Life in a big way!


Extra news!
Kim shares her life with the whole world, but when she laid out the photo, where she puts on pulling underwear, it was already too much. Everyone knows that she uses corrective underwear, but to know is one thing, and seeing is completely different. Still, it must remain a mystery. This photo is especially terrible considering that she needed help to put on this Carl’s, Jr. crust.

But the most piquant news is that Kim allegedly wears linen with a slit on the crotch so she can urinate without undressing. Perhaps this makes sense, given how many times it is published.


Women's problems
Kim has a lot of photos at the gas station. What can it talk about? The fact that she did not rise up to the very heavens. She became even more popular when she demonstrated that her priest sticks out more than a pregnant belly. Do you know a lot of women who can do the same? It seems that this girl does not care at all. Many women hide the shortcomings of the figure under the spacious clothes, and Kim flaunts in a T-shirt and miniskirt during pregnancy.


Previously, it was believed that the best priest at Jennifer Lopez, until Kim K appeared and did not overthrow her from this “pedestal”. And now, it seems, the glory went to Blak Chin. Maybe Kim is not much jealous, because now Blak Chin is also part of the Kardashian clan, since she gave birth to Robert Kardashian Jr..

When in one photo both of their priests together, then Kim even seems more natural. Blak has such a big ass, that he seems to soon outweigh it.


Spicy video
Kim entered the history of pop culture in 2007, when an outright tape with her and Ray-J called Kim Kardashian became a superstar. As it turned out later, the name was suitable, since she really became a superstar. This survey was a long time ago and everyone had already forgotten about those circumstances.

Filming took place in 2002, when the couple was in Mexico on vacation. At that time, Kim was earning a stylist from singer Brandy. This great vacation was shown in the painting “The Simple Life” in Paris Hilton. She also went on a date with Nick Lacham, after his parting with Jasika Simpson. When people started to find out who Kim is, Ray-J finally managed to sell the record to Vivid Entertainment.

Kim was ready to deal with this, and even her lawyers tried to prevent the release of this film. According to experts, she had to sign an agreement, before Vivid sold this record in a mass rental. But in the end, she agreed, after she learned that her fee would be $ 5 million. Would you agree? In the meantime, the show “Keep up with the Kardashians” was going on, which gathered record ratings thanks to Kim’s depravity.


Big business
Kim has more contracts than the top league athletes. She was the face of the advertising brand Carl’s and Jr., advertised the liqueur Midori, laser hair removal TRIA, Skechers shoes, OPI nail polish, diet pills QuikTrim, Shoedazzle.com and toilet paper Charmin. But this is not enough for her. She released her own fragrance, DASH store and her Kardashian collection. She is paid thousands of dollars to appear in nightclubs, for example in 1OAK, or to be present at the opening of clothing stores, such as Topshop LA. This indicates that Kim has become a business woman.


According to NY Daily News, Kim is the queen of Selfie. She does them from different angles: both on top and bottom and in a nightgown, with make-up and without it. But if you think that all her SELFI is an improvisation, then you are mistaken. Kim always has an excellent light set, perfectly chosen style and perfectly processed in Photoshop. Everyone knows that it makes a lot of efforts for the sake of high-quality pictures, but still we come across a trick, and we think that its photogenic is natural. Kim so skillfully uses the smoke and mirrors in his selfies.


Fifth point as ideal
The world-famous joker Vitaly Serdyuk wanted to make the ass Kim the object of his next joke when he approached her at the Paris Fashion Week. It is not known exactly what he was trying to do. It looks like he wanted to kiss her ass, or at least get a good grip. But Kim just passed by.

According to Vitaly, thus he protested against the use of artificial implants. “I encourage her and other members of the Kardashian clan to promote natural beauty.” Such lofty ideals.


Photoshop in the final chord
Everyone knows that Kim is the queen of Photoshop. Rising stars are satisfied that their photos are edited by releasing magazines, and Kim does much more. She edits her self, travels with her paparazzi, so that her “everyday” photos, which will be published, turn out well. The two photos immediately show differences. Her waist was smaller, her nose neater, and even the dress disappeared. Not surprisingly, she and the priest have edited to make it seem bigger.

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