I do not understand why Justin Bieber is so good. To be honest, I’m already quite a mature woman, unlike the girls who attract Justin’s attention. But even if we were the same age, I would hardly have looked at him. Of course, some of his last songs are very good, well, at any rate, I listened to them several times, and was sincerely surprised that they were performed by Bieber.

In fact, now, after I dig a little in his biography, I feel like the only woman on Earth who is so ambivalent about him. Many secular lionesses of Hollywood met with him, and they are not ashamed of this at all. Moreover, the most chic women of the planet were with him in a relationship, and frankly, I do not understand why.

Justin Bieber met with different women: with models, actresses, singers, and they all belong to different strata of society. In all his chosen women one can find only one similarity: they are all really beautiful. Some of them are not very well known – I had to dig on the Internet to find out what they are doing. Others, on the other hand, are among the most recognizable people in America. But the most interesting thing is that many of his friends know each other well, and three of his ex-relatives! Here are the stories of just 15 girls who somehow were in a relationship with Justin, I’ll tell you who they are, and how related to each other.


Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber have a general manager – Scooter Brown, or, at least, it was before young people broke off their relationship. Then, it’s no wonder that Grande and Bieber could be a couple. As you know, each of the singers has a club of dedicated fans – they did not really like stories about the romantic connection of idols, but they admired their friendship. This is the reason that all the rumors that there is something more between artists than just friendship have always been thwarted.

However, on the expanses of the World Wide Web there was still gossip: they said that Justin replaced Selena with Ariana (and that makes sense, she is exactly in his taste). The couple even kissed several times. Although they never officially recognized their relationship, Ariana is still close to him, so she got on this list. It is worth noting that Ariana is in the rating of 15 celebrities who have become better looking with age .


barbara Palvin
I’ll be completely frank: I did not know who Barbara Palvin was when she first came across her name. She is very beautiful and everything, but looking at her face, I could not remember who she was. Barbara Palvin is one of many Victoria’s Secret models on this list. She and Bieber met back in the distant 2012. A few months before the news surfaced in the media, Palvin in the video chat joked about how she does not like Selena Gomez, and then no one really gave any particular significance to this act.

However, during the annual Victoria’s Secret show , she lit on stage with Justin Bieber, then the fans of Selena mutinied and remembered the model of her old joke. No one knows for sure whether Justin and Barbara were together, maybe the singer was deceiving Selena, or maybe it’s just a misunderstanding. In any case, she was in a long list of girls and almost-girls Justin Bieber.


adriana lima
I did not come across the name of Adriana Lima, it makes me think about where Justin Bieber finds all these women. She also works as a model in Victoria’s Secret and, they say, she had an affair with Justin in Cannes. While everyone was guessing about it, the model cleared everything up in an interview with Andy Cohen in 2015.

She clearly denied all the rumors, saying: ” Well, I’ll tell you everything. You know, as I call the guys, below 2 meters: friends . ” God, is she serious? Although I believe her. By the way, then the singer was 21, and the Brazilian model is about 34. Yes, in Hollywood, many meet younger guys, but I do not think that Bieber is a type of guy attracting this audience. Perhaps you are interested in the article 10 of the most sexy angels Victoria’s Secret of all time , which includes Adriana.


kendall engine
Kendall Jenner is one of the three Kardashian sisters on this list. It’s good that it’s not related to the story of Justin and Courtney (we’ll talk about it later). In an interview with magazine W the girl admitted that Bieber liked her, but he was by no means her first love. ” At one time I really liked the stars of the Disney channel. Well, for example, at one time I was beside myself for Zack and Cody (Dylan and Cole Sprouts) from “All type top or life of Zak and Cody, ” Kendall explained before adding: ” Justin Bieber was a pop star of my time. It was more like a child’s love . ”

Obviously, the girl has no more romantic relationship with Justin. Although, rumors about this pair for a long time went on the Internet. First Bieber went on record, calling Kendall beautiful, and then they went on vacation together. It is worth noting that this comment about the beauty of Jenner was said right after Justin’s break with Selena Gomez, so this scene could well have been played out due to the termination of the relations of young people. I hope this is not so, but, nevertheless, because of this case, Kendall Jenner is on this list.


Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr is that Victoria’s Secret angel , about which I at least heard something. She is known for her pure American beauty, and she was also the wife of Orlando Bloom. She, her ex-husband, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were involved in one of the biggest stellar love scandals of this decade. While Bieber was still meeting with Selena, he lit on stage with Miranda in 2012 at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show , and in 2014 Orlando Bloom struck Justin in the face and became a legend for all the antiphanies of the singer.

Both sides recognized that they fought because of Kerr. Last year, Bloom and Gomez were caught together, even as his relationship with Kathy Perry was the main topic for discussion. Of course, nothing between Miranda Kerr and Justin Bieber has not been confirmed, but in this story the model still played a significant role. Personally, I think that both men are very lucky, if I were a guy, I certainly would like to see Miranda as my girlfriend. Miranda can also be found in the ranking of the 10 most coveted world-famous women .


Jeanne Jeffries
Chantel Jeffries was really Justin Bieber’s girl, unlike many others on this list. Until recently, the situation was unclear: someone said that the couple was meeting, someone, believed that there was not. But in February 2017, a lot of noise was done by a picture of smiling little girl Shantel – her Bieber posted in her updated account in Instagram .

This rumor could not grow into something more, this photo meant absolutely nothing. Justin did not use the account for a while and could upload photos that he saw in his friends’ tapes or just old photos he liked. Do not pay attention to this, and just leave the model in the top.


Heil Boldwin
Haley Baldwin is another former Justin Bieber. When there was an unpleasant incident that made Justin stop using the account in Instagram , she helped Selene Gomez fan the scandal. The latter supported the fans of the singer, who were indignant with the new photos of Justin with his new passion. Baldwin met with Justin in 2016 and openly shared with the press her feelings after their break.

” We both honestly told each other everything we did, both good and bad. When we take full responsibility for our actions, we grow, and that is what makes the present so grandiose, “the girl wrote in a mysterious message. After this statement she also added: ” The only thing that is important to me is my life here and now. Do not involve me in scandals in which I did not participate, and please respect my personal life . ”


sofia rici
We have already mentioned the scandal connected with Instagram Bieber more than once . Justin deleted his account due to angry comments on his photos with the new girl; angry fans also supported Selena Gomez. Sofia Richie was the same girl, captured in the pictures. She is the daughter of Lionel Richie. At the time of this story Richie was only 17, this shows that for Justin Bieber age is not the main thing. Because of the abundance of the former singer who decided to take part in the scandal, everyone forgot about Sophia, only Selena Gomez was much more influential than the girl.

By the way, about the latter: she, in fact, stuck her nose out of her business and, of course, she had to apologize for it later. However, let’s return to Sophia Richie. It is famous not only for its relationship with the pop star. She is a successful model and is included in the circle of close female friends Kylie Jenner, by the way, no matter how ironically it sounded, but many of her acquaintances also met with Justin Bieber.


kaitlin builds
Before I tell you how Caitlin Beadles found herself in this article, perhaps I should remind her who she is. Luckily for me, there’s an entry in the Justin Bieber section on the wiki site, by the way, I did not even know about it until I started making this list. Kaitlin is not a celebrity at all. She’s one of the few on this list who knew Justin before he became popular . Apparently, they met in the church when Bieber moved to Atlanta, and they met only one year.

They suddenly broke up, just at the time when the guy’s career was gaining momentum, Kaitlin decided that she did not want to live under the camera’s sight. They are still friends. Bieber is very close to the girl’s brother, and many times mentioned her in an interview. Little is known about her, but she looks pretty pretty.


никола пельц
You know Nicolas Peltz in her roles in the films ” Transformers: The Age of Extermination ” and “The Lord of the Elements “. To your surprise Qatar met with Justin Bieber (I would never have thought that I would write such a proposal). After Bieber broke with Haley Baldwin, he invited Nikola to a date, and since then, rumors have blown media. Despite the fact that young people used to meet, now he does not care for her: she is currently an Anvar Hadida girl.

This is some kind of evil rock: the girl is still entangled in the web of Justin’s relationship. Anwar Hadid is Bella Hadid’s brother, and she used to meet with the Weekend. He is now in a romantic relationship with Selena Gomez. With such success, having all this information, you can play the game ” Six Steps to Kevin Bacon “, only in its center would be the personal life of Justin Bieber, not the previously mentioned actor. It will resemble ” Cards against all “, and we will all be crazy about it.


Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is not at all a small chapter in the history of Justin Bieber’s relationship – probably she played one of the biggest roles in the singer’s life. Of course, you need to write about it. Their history began more than 10 years ago, when the artists just started their journey in the world of show business. Their relationship has experienced ups and downs (many of the girls mentioned in this article have also put their hands on it, but we can not talk about them until Selena is not mentioned).

If you look at their relationship, it was not so bad, you can see that they really cared about each other. However, when love dies, it brings a lot of pain, and as far as I can judge, these relationships have run their course. They just experienced too much. Of course, there is a small chance that the artists will come together again, but it does not seem that now this can happen: Selena is now meeting with the Weekend and all that. Selena is also included in the rating of 12 celebrities, who should become bikini models .


kardini kardashian
Some of the women I have included on this list have surprised me, but especially Courtney Kardashian. I do not see any common sense in this story. Courtney Kardashian is a mom, she has a thriving business, and Justin Bieber, well, he’s just Justin Bieber. Although nothing was confirmed again officially, there are rumors that she was twisting the affair with Justin during the break in relations with Scott Disik. To be honest, I think he’s just a gift for all the fans of the show “The Secular Life of the Kardashian Family .” I do not really like this show, but I got on a couple of episodes while lying at home with a cold, and it’s good.

Courtney, 37, decisively declares that she has never had a romantic relationship with Bieber, who is 15 years younger than her. She claimed this when she was going to shoot, and later a source in ” Entertainment tonight ” confirmed that there was nothing between them. ” They have a common circle of friends, and they constantly see each other ,” the talk show producers explained. ” They have been friends for many years. Earlier, Justin was a neighbor of Courtney, and since then they have remained close. There is nothing that the guys spent time in a nightclub and left together . ”


jade pier
Jade Pierce was not involved in any crazy love triangle that Justin Bieber likes to build around him, but she definitely changed his life. She met with Bieber at a time when his naked photographs wandered through the Internet. They never recognized their relationship, but in the social network photos leaked young people in the same places at the same time, people just made their own conclusions.

When the couple broke up, gossip appeared about the girl’s pregnancy, and many suspected that Justin was the father of the child. Both these rumors denied: in truth, the father of the child Pierce – a blogger named Mike Dixon. Jade gave birth to her daughter in January, and, apparently, she is happy with her life.


jordan ozuna
Jordan Ozuna was not popular. She worked as a waitress in a casino in Las Vegas, then began to meet with Justin Bieber. According to the reports, she became his girlfriend immediately after the parting of the singer with Chantel Jeffries. She laid out a few photographs of the space apartments where Justin was living while in Atlanta.

About it you can not find a lot of information, but we know that Jordan for some time lived with Bieber in his space house and that she took the guy straight out from under the nose Shantel Jeffries. She also very, very fond of making naughty selfies. Ozuna was married during the novel with Justin, but then she and her husband lived separately. There was even a rumor that Justin and Jordan were cousins ​​and sister!


kylie jenner
Perhaps you will be surprised to see Kylie Jenner in the top position of the top, but I think she deserves this place. And not only because of her story about the ” special relationship ” between her and Justin, but also because her two sisters are also on the list (I did not think that such dramatic events could unfold in real life). Already two sisters meeting with the same guy is a shock, then what about three?

Kylie Jenner considers Justin Bieber one of his closest friends. ” He understands me, and every time I see him, he sits me down and says something like:” Is it okay? You’re just shocked. You will succeed, just stay yourself. “He also defended the girl when everyone criticized her outfits or a new hairstyle. He talked a lot about how hard it is to grow under the sights of cameras, when the whole world is watching you, and no one knows it better than Kylie Jenner, who grew up before our eyes. “Every time she looks around and sees the camera she starts to think differently, to feel people differently .”

Not everyone is able to endure such pressure. I think that if these two decided to be together, I would be glad. It does not matter what I think about Justin, but at least he has money, and Kylie can relax, she does not need to keep it (now we all look at you reproachfully, Taiga). It will also be fine if she finally leaves this crazy love square with Taiga, Black China and Rob Kardashian.

Justin Bieber has met with an incredible variety of girls, and most likely he will have many more novels when his popularity increases.

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