There are actresses, and there are sex symbols. Not every talented performer can become an object of lust. In the imagination play the favorites, and the sex symbol can be a person, not only self-assured, but also forcing fans to languish in languor from their extraterrestrial beauty.

Here is a list of film actresses who for many years, from generation to generation, seduce men with unconstrained sensuality. Perhaps you are interested in the article 10 of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood .


Zeenat Aman
Being brave and carefree, Zinat Aman entered the new era of Indian cinema, when women stopped being in the shadows, knew about their sexuality and the power of male influence. She began her career as a model, and then, after participating in the beauty contest “Miss Asia” and winning, she was invited to film, and together with Deva Anand, her mentor, Zinat went to conquer the hearts of millions of people, appearing in films, the majority of which were popular at the time.

Before her appearance in the cinema, the actresses were modest and short-sighted, always ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of men. With her arrival, a new era of women has come, which clearly understand what they want, and whose desires come to the fore – women no longer appear flat personages.

Zeenat Aman played many roles: prostitutes, hippies, dancers in a bar, raped victims, etc. She was the first actress of India, who not only looked as real in reality as on the screen, but also in honor of which perfume was named.

Recommended movies : In search of entertainment, Friends forever.


Julie Christie
The success story of Julie Christie consists of all the legends of pop culture. Born in British India, she reached the peak of her career in a period of confusion in London. Being an icon of the film industry and Broadway, Julie Christie looked sexy, in what role she would play: whether it’s a woman careerist or a distressed girl.

After the mistake, the actress firmly decided to devote herself to linguistics and, when the whole world was at her feet, she abandoned everything and preferred the home and social activities. To talk about a stubborn self-confident woman is welcome, is not it?

Suggested movies : Dear, Doctor Zhivago.


Eva Green
Eva Green made an extravagant film debut in the drama of Bernardo Bertolucci “Dreamers”. She does not mind being denuded in the name of art, even if it means sleeping practically naked with a colleague in the film. The actress combines a rare combination of fragility and strength of action, which makes her natural.

Her sexuality is not limited only to films, even in television she foments the audience – all this thanks to her reincarnation as Bond girl in the movie “Casino Royale.” Her play in this role is the apotheosis of beauty and sexuality of female nudity.

Recommended movies : Dreamers, Casino “Royal”.


Salma Hayek
Her sexuality needs no introduction. Salma Hayek is the standard-bearer of the rule of Latin America in the world of the film industry. A brave and self-confident rebel, she destroys gender stereotypes by her independence and enterprise. Being the object of desire at the very beginning of her career, she began to take on increasingly complex and meaningful roles.

Every time, stepping on the red carpet, Salma Haek reminds us why she is so desired by many men: her clothes emphasizing her beauty, backed up by a confident smile that has become her business card. From time to time, Salma Khayek fascinates us with a glance and a tight figure, attracting everyone’s attention and leaving no chance for opponents. Also, Salma is included in the rating of the 10 sexiest cinematic vampires .

Recommended movies : Desperado, Bandits.


Penelope Cruz
God was in a good mood when he created it, otherwise the combination of tempting lips, perfect cheekbones and luxurious curls in one person can not be explained in any way. On Penelope Cruz it is impossible not to look with pleasure: her unusual and charming appearance sinks into the heart. Neither marriage, nor motherhood, nor age – did not underestimate her beauty, but even on the contrary added to the success in creativity.

Recommended movies : Vicky Cristina Barcelona, ​​Nine.


Anita Ekberg
Anita Ekberg for a long time lingered in the world of fame, thanks to the night swimming scene in the Roman fountain of Trevi in ​​the film Federico Fellini “Sweet Life”. This episode entered the history of the world film industry, as the apogee of sensual eroticism. After approval from photographers and designers, she was offered new roles in Hollywood, but still this scene is her sex symbol, which still lives in people’s minds.

Recommended movies : Sweet Life, Boccaccio – 70.


Scarlett Johansson
The image of Scarlett Johansson, biting her lips and giving a timid smile, can knock down any man’s knees, and her hoarse voice awakens the deepest instincts. “There are no such people like her,” this quote is about her. She is unconditionally sexy.
Selected several times by various editions of the sexiest woman in the world, she is becoming more beautiful and beautiful every year. Even on television, it inflames the public, balancing on the brink of tenderness and firmness.

Recommended movies : Match Point, Stay in my shoes.


Brigitte Bardot
There is something in Frenchwomen that makes them irresistible, that’s why they are funded by their model agencies because of their high demand. There was a period when the French film industry was known for its frank sex scenes in films. Brigitte Bardot was the star of her time. It combines, as they say, a “triple threat” in show business: at the same time an actress, a singer and a model.

When it comes to intimate scenes, she does not hold back in the pleasure of carnal pleasures with men. Her colorful photos on the covers and pages of pornographic magazines are still popular. In 1953, at the film festival in Cannes, she stunned the paparazzi with seductive charm and acrobatic poses. You can google it and see it right now!

Recommended movies : And God created a woman, contempt.


Monica Bellucci
The hypnotic action of her beauty is boundless. The stately body of Monica Bellucci reminds the Goddess Aphrodite. Today the brightest and most famous sex is a symbol in the European cinema. Advertising Dolce & Gabbanna with Monica Bellucci – master class on seduction.

The role of Malena of the same name turned her into a sex symbol for men of all ages. Her innocent charm, melting in itself an ocean of riddles, became the key to success. Monica Bellucci is the gold standard of sexuality and charm. It’s not strange that at the age of 50 she was called the Bond girl. Or still a lady?

Recommended movies : Малена, Матрица: Перезагрузка.


Marilyn Monroe
Even after five decades, it continues to rule our hearts and imaginations. The covers with Marilyn Monroe are bigger than the stars in the sky. Any photo with her is successfully sold at auctions, and her personal estate is a national heritage. Fruit of the glamorous American dream, the child of love, she liked to be photographed in a diamond-studded dress with a high cut. On her serene face, there was not a hint of concern that haunted her in her personal life.

She knew how to fix the attention of the camera and the crowds. Thanks to her unique charm and film studio, Marilyn Monroe became the world famous Hollywood star. Until now, her name is associated with the golden age of Hollywood and, of course, with his most vivid superstar – Marilyn Monroe.

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